Our Musicians

     You might say that Framework Acoustic Jazz Quartet actually "grew" organically from the solo career of guitarist Joseph Frame who, while working at various venues throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, responded positively to requests from musicians to sit in. Always open to new musical ideas, and very willing to implement those ideas collaboratively, Frame formed the first incarnation of Framework, initially a trio, in the early '90s. Since then the group has expanded to a quartet (occasionally a quintet), and the instrumentation has changed somewhat, but the focus has always been the same: to perform beautiful music at the highest level of musicianship, and to communicate with their audiences enjoyment of the experience. The current ensembles feature four world-class musicians working with the gregarious guitarist: Dave Wilson, saxophone & flute; Michael Robbins, violin; Christian Kisala, vibraphone ; and Willy Ryan, upright bass. Their music could be described as acoustic, Brazilian- jazz, flavored jazz, emphasizing the cool, swinging bossa nova sound. 

     Dave Wilson is the real thing! A Julliard student, he has performed with Charlie Byrd, Harry Leahy, Monroe Quinn, and many other jazz notables. His rich, sonorous sax and cool, rounded flute lend the group a unique tone color. Especially when blowing on changes provided by Frame and bassist Ryan, Wilson can create classic licks on-the-spot, which hook the listener and won't let go.

     Musically multilingual, Michael Robbins has performed the world over as a classical musician, performing in the US, UK, China and Japan, and played in several regional orchestras, including The Ocean City Pops Orchestra, Pottstown Symphony, Bridgeton Symphony and the East Texas Symphony. Within the context of Framework, his brilliant improvisational lines sail on the updraft of chords created by colleague Frame.

Vibraphonist Christian Kisala creates music with the intense energy and harmonic approach derived from studying with the great vibraphonist, Joe Locke and world-class percussionist Jim Neglia. His un-erring rhythmic sense propels the group percussively, melodically, and harmonically.

Willy Ryan has been an active bassist in the New York/New Jersey area for the past 40+ years; he has also toured nationally. His rock-solid rhythm and creative bass-line choices are major ingredients of the propulsive force of Framework.

Joseph Frame has studied with legendary acoustic jazz/classical guitarists Gene Bertoncini and Charlie Byrd, and performed to great acclaim at the Brazilian Consulate in Manhattan. His meticulously developed fingerstyle arrangements emphasize the harmonic content of each piece he performs, either in a solo context or in ensemble with Framework. Frame concentrates on providing his audience with a meaningful, memorable, and moving musical experience.  

                                                               email   -   JFramejr@msn.com